With The Changing Of The Seasons

by Dovetail

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it took awhile... but its here!


released March 16, 2014

Music written and performed by Josh Cates
Recording by Andrew Harrington
Album art by Josh Cates
Photos Taken in Defiance, MO.



all rights reserved


Dovetail St. Louis, Oklahoma

My name is Josh Cates and I am Dovetail. I love playing music and I love sharing it with people. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I do playing it.

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Track Name: Unconditional

You're never here when I need you.
You're no where to be found.
When I need someone to help me see this through.
The Memories of better times.
The laughs, the love, all gone in the blink of an eye.
And don't tell me it's easy to be alone.
I've got no home, no place to call my own.

Don't let it be this way
I thought this time you'd be here to stay.
You keep all the monsters at bay.
You give my head a place to lay.

If you're just Gonna run away.
Let's not save it for another day.
With you not around.
I'm like a sun without its shine or a king without a crown.
I just Can't seem to get to sleep.
Knowing you left just makes my heart so weak.
but If you'd come home.
I'd have reason to live through this next week.

Don't let it be this way I thought
this time you'd be here to stay.
You keep all the monsters at bay
You give my head a place to lay

Even though it hurts.
Even to this day.
I love who I am.
I wouldn't change a thing.

Even though you left.
Even though you're gone.
This is why I'm me,
And I've finally moved on.
Track Name: The Answer
"The Answer"
I was born alone and I can die alone.
I always turn away.
when hope decides to show its face.
How am I supposed to live
the day to day, when I'm the one standing in the way?

Lets let our time go.
Lets let the wind blow.
I'm so tired.
And I'm so cold.
There is too much pressure
I've been built to fold.
I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope.
All my stories will be told.

It's such a long walk home
From where I am now.
My body says give up
but my mind asks how.
I don't understand life's master plan.
I swim into its sea.
And it engulfs me.

So, I let my time go.
And I let the wind blow.
Well I was so tired
And I was so cold.
There was too much pressure
I was built to fold.
I hoped. I hoped. I hoped. I hoped.
But Now I know, that my stories will be told.
Track Name: Chances

No matter how hard I try.
You'll just keep leavin' me behind.
nothing that I do.
can get through to you.
Who do you think you are?
Is the thought of us really that far.

I'll leave this place behind.
I'll travel to the furthest corners of my mind.
Where there is no time,
to think about all that I've
left out of this life

If your strong enough.
And I know that life is rough.
The only question is.
Are we strong enough?
To keep this up.
Track Name: True North
"True North"

I'm just walkin' around
In hopes that ill find that perfect sound
But I don't know Which direction to go,
But whatever I find i'll make my own.

And listen here son I know you're growin' old
But I won't let your heart be sold
Point towards your true north and find home.

Your life is
a blank canvas.
You have to realize
That you'll make it through the night.
You'll make mistakes
But please don't loose faith.

There are endless routs
All of which come with doubts.
as I try to figure out
just What life is all about.

I'm just searching for my purpose
But do I have enough time for my dreams to surface
All I can do is hold my up head high
And take my chances as they pass by.

Your life is
a blank canvas
You've have to realize
you'll make it through the night.
You'll make mistakes
But don't loose faith.